Independent Police Monitor

City of Boulder, CO | Full-time


About the Independent Police Monitor Position

The Independent Police Monitor leads the operations of the Independent Police Oversight Office. This civilian role provides independent oversight aimed at preventing inefficient and unlawful police operations. The Independent Police Monitor continues to set the operational philosophy of the Office and develops and maintains standard operating procedures to ensure all matters are handled in a thorough, objective, fair, and impartial manner. They work with a small staff of Administrative Assistants and Interns and collaborate to establish and update criteria and policy around reviewing, monitoring, assisting, overseeing, and advising on the investigation of internal and citizen complaints and other administrative investigations. In addition, the Monitor establishes program priorities and objectives and manages the implementation and evaluation of the civilian police oversight process.

The Independent Police Monitor provides liaison activity to the Police Oversight Panel and collaborates with the co-chairs regarding the ongoing functions of the panel. They assist the panel by providing summaries of complaints and complaint investigations, data on monthly statistics, analysis of local policing trends, and access to national best practices. The Independent Police Monitor also coordinates the training of panel members.

Specifically, the Independent Police Monitor receives and processes complaints concerning police employees, monitors the complaint investigation, and recommends best practices to the professional standards unit during the course of an investigation. The Monitor performs ongoing quality assurance functions, including analyzing complaint trends and recommending changes to police policy, practices, and training. They also analyze and verify reporting trends in completed police employee disciplinary decisions, all with the goal of identifying systemic changes that improves police services to the community.

The Independent Police Monitor works to enhance community relationships and build trust through community engagement opportunities. They proactively provide the community with reports related to the work of police oversight and auditing. Furthermore, the Monitor develops reports highlighting the work of the Independent Police Oversight Office and presents any findings and recommendations to the City Council, Police Oversight Panel, Police Chief, and the community. The Independent Police Monitor leverages data and utilizes information in reports to recommend visionary practices that streamline and enhance civilian oversight in policing.


  • Collaborate to identify and recruit new members for the Police Oversight Panel. Be purposeful in reaching out to and engaging people of color and community members from historically excluded and underserved communities.
  • Build meaningful connections, establish trust, and ensure genuine and honest engagement with the community in support of positive relationships and partnerships that lead to multiple opportunities to honestly convey the concerns and needs of the community.
  • Support Boulder’s partnership with Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE). Effectively collaborate with the Equity Officer to support our ongoing efforts to eliminate systemic and institutional racism in our policies and practices and to ensure the Independent Police Oversight Office maintains an equitable focus on all work. 
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with the Police Chief and Police Department personnel to understand trends, support modern practices, and inform innovation in police recruitment and training.
  • Routinely network and build relationships with others in the industry, including state and national experts, in civilian oversight of police departments. Monitor best practices to inform and recommend practices that streamline and enhance our civilian oversight in policing.

The Successful Candidate

The Independent Police Monitor embraces this unique role as an independent public servant monitoring the Police Department’s internal investigations and complaints and is excited by the opportunity to collaborate in further developing an Independent Police Oversight Office that is transparent, accountable, and responsive to the community. The successful candidate is motivated by and has a strong desire for community service, enhancing public health, and protecting the economic vitality of the City.

A commitment to racial equity and an understanding of oppression and institutional racism is essential. The preferred candidate understands racial inequalities, specifically in the criminal justice system, and brings prior experience successfully working with multicultural communities. The Independent Police Monitor also demonstrates knowledge of social injustices and will quickly understand the community’s attitude toward the organization and our historical and contemporary race relations.

A natural convener and collaborator, the Independent Police Monitor recognizes the importance of relationships and partnerships at all levels. The successful candidate has a passion for developing positive community relations with the ability to build strong, yet independent working relationships with a wide variety of internal and external partners and community representatives. Hearing, balancing, and respecting a variety of views during the decision-making process, while conducting oversight activities openly and transparently, will be key. The successful candidate is an effective communicator and active listener who values honesty and integrity and believes in cultivating objectivity and independence to ensure against any perception of bias. While building strong and genuine relationships, the preferred candidate enjoys working independently with a high level of resiliency, including the ability to not personalize adversity.

The Independent Police Monitor brings proven experience managing people, programs, and community relations. The successful candidate easily distills technical information and provides written and verbal presentations that adapt to meet the needs of various audiences. The Independent Police Monitor brings deep-rooted expertise in conflict resolution, addressing public confrontation, and interacting with the media. The ideal candidate has prior knowledge and experience in the operation, service, and activities of an oversight program. With significant experience in data analysis and trending, the Independent Police Monitor easily identifies trends and problems hindering progress and develops and implements best practices to drive necessary change.


At least five (5) years of leadership experience in the field of public or private administration or in the practice of law is required. Extensive experience in law enforcement with specific experience in police monitoring, civilian oversight administration, and procedural justice is also required. Knowledge of methods and techniques of investigations, training, counseling, and conflict resolution, along with demonstrated knowledge of the laws, principles, practices, and procedures related to conducting investigations and administrative hearings, is essential. Strong experience in data analysis and trends with a track record of staying current on recent developments in the police community is necessary. Lived experience and experiences that contribute to the role are ideal. Bilingual in Spanish is desired.

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major coursework in criminal law, mediation, or a related field, is required. A master’s degree or a Juris Doctor is desired. No prior employment or familial relationships with the City of Boulder Police Department or individual Boulder Police Officers.

Studies have shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they can perform every job description task. We are most interested in finding the best candidate for the job, and that candidate may come from a less traditional background. The City will consider any equivalent combination of knowledge, skills, education, and experience to meet minimum qualifications. If you are interested in applying, we encourage you to think broadly about your background and skill set for the role.

Inside the City of Boulder

The City of Boulder believes in a future with equitable access to health, prosperity, and fulfillment, where the community adapts and thrives in response to emerging, and sometimes urgent, social, economic, and environmental challenges.

The Sustainability, Equity, and Resilience Framework guides budget and planning processes by providing consistent goals necessary to achieve Boulder’s vision of a great community and the actions required to achieve them. Building on a legacy of innovation, Boulder cultivates a creative spirit in order to adapt and thrive in the changing climate.

Boulder continuously works to provide service excellence for an inspired future through our core values:

  • Customer service: We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our community and our co-workers by demonstrating consistent and professional service with a solution-oriented approach.
  • Respect: We champion diversity and welcome individual perspectives, backgrounds, and opinions. We are open-minded and treat all individuals with respect and dignity.
  • Integrity: We are stewards of the public’s trust and are committed to service that is transparent and consistent with city regulations and policies. We are honorable, follow through on our commitments, and accept responsibility.
  • Collaboration: We are committed to organizational success and celebrate our shared dedication to public service. We believe community collaboration and the sum of our individual contributions lead to great results.
  • Innovation: We promote a forward-thinking environment that supports creativity, calculated risks, and continuous improvement. We embrace change and learn from others in order to deliver leading-edge service.

Workplace Culture

The City of Boulder believes that a diverse workforce, individual lived experiences, and an inclusive environment adds quality and perspective to the services provided to the public. Therefore, the organization intentionally strives to develop and maintain a diverse workforce that values and embraces differences among employees.

An important component of the City’s culture and environment is Boulder’s Leadership Philosophy: We believe each of us is a leader. We are motivated by the opportunities to make a positive difference in our community. Our greatest results are achieved when we:

  • Create a respectful, trusting, and supportive environment.
  • Rely on, invest in, and celebrate each other’s perspectives, skills, talents, and accomplishments.
  • Consult and collaborate with each other to make timely and quality decisions.
  • Share responsibility for and learn from the process and outcomes of a creative culture.

Structure of Local Government

The City of Boulder has a council-manager form of government where the elected City Council sets policies and the Council-appointed City Manager administers them. The City Council consists of nine members, including a mayor and mayor pro tem, selected by the Council members. Council members are elected at large and may serve up to three terms. 

With a 2022 adopted budget of $462.5 Million and a 2023 recommended budget of $513.5 Million, the City of Boulder is served by approximately 1500 standard employees. Robust City services are provided through numerous departments and divisions.

Independent Police Oversight Office

In October of 2019, the Boulder City Council adopted a Police Oversight Ordinance to establish an Independent Police Oversight Office and hire a civilian police monitor to review the handling of complaints, review trends in policing, recommend improvements to police practices, and engage with the public. Upon adoption of the final ordinance, the first Independent Police Monitor was hired, and the Council created the Police Oversight Panel to increase community involvement in police oversight and to ensure that historically excluded communities have a voice in police oversight.

At this time, the Independent Police Monitor and the Police Oversight Panel are fully operational. The panel is comprised of eleven members. The Monitor assists the panel by providing summaries of complaints and complaint investigations, data on monthly statistics, analysis of local policing trends, and access to national best practices. The Monitor and panel also participate in robust ongoing conversations between the police and the public to ensure improvements are being implemented to keep pace with national and international best practices. The Independent Police Oversight Office is located in the City Manager’s Office and reports to the Equity Officer.

The Boulder Police Department

The Boulder Police Department partners with the community to provide service and safety. The Department provides a full range of services, which includes but is not limited to crime prevention, enforcement, security, investigations, the management of public disorder and quality of life issues, emergency and disaster response, and training. The Department employs over 275 full-time employees in three divisions: Administration, Operations, and Support and Staff Services.

The Boulder Police Department strives to be a premier law enforcement agency and a model of excellence in policing by creating partnerships, building trust, reducing crime, and improving the quality of life for our community. Boulder currently possesses all of the necessary elements to further develop an approach to policing that meets the evolving needs of our complex community.

The Boulder, Colorado Community

Boulder, Colorado, is located just 30 minutes northwest of Denver, where the plains meet the Rocky Mountains. Tucked into a picturesque valley below the iconic Flatirons, Boulder has a population of approximately 108,000. The City is a great place to live, work, grow, and play.

Boulder is nationally recognized for its quality of life, thriving tech, research-based economy, and booming real estate market. Boulder is also one of the most educated metropolitan areas in the country. The local public schools are excellent, with Boulder Valley School District consistently ranking among the best in the state. In addition, Boulder is a hub of entrepreneurship, particularly for businesses that value a lifestyle rooted in a love of the outdoors, healthy living, and access to resources.

The University of Colorado at Boulder is currently one of the premier public research institutions in the United States and sits in the heart of Boulder. The University has a strong reputation and is especially known for its engineering and science programs, particularly Earth and Space sciences. There are 17 federally funded science laboratories in Boulder, including the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Enjoyment of the outdoors has always been at the forefront of life in Boulder. The community’s Open Space and Mountain Parks form a green belt around the City with over 45,000 acres of land that are preserved and protected. Boulder has over 300 miles of public hiking and biking trails, and its mountain parks and open spaces receive well over five million visitors a year. In addition, residents enjoy 1,800 acres of urban parkland and programming through numerous recreation centers and outdoor pools.

Boulder fosters an environment for artists and audiences to be innovative, experimental, creative, and expressive. The City has a large concentration of artists with more than 30 art galleries, four museums, a dozen movie and stage theaters, and a huge variety of cultural performances each year, including the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, Colorado Music Festival, and Chautauqua Summer Series.

According to Bon Appétit magazine, Boulder is America’s Foodiest City with local restaurants and chefs insistent on quality, innovation, and flavor. In addition, Boulder is consistently ranked as one of the nation’s healthiest places to live and is a mecca for natural and organic products. Farms, dairies, ranches, markets, and restaurants embrace the idea of local, seasonal, and artisanal food production and cooking. The Boulder Farmers Market is the largest outdoor market in the state, providing a venue for local agricultural producers to sell their products directly to the public. For those who love beer, wine, and spirits, there are 21 breweries, four distilleries, two wineries, and two cideries in Boulder. 

While each of the characteristics, passions, and industries that Boulder is known for today emerged organically over time, it is how they work together that makes Boulder...Boulder.


The salary range for the Independent Police Monitor is $92,976 – $148,720 with an anticipated hiring range of $108,784 – $132,912 and will depend on the qualifications of the successful candidate. The City of Boulder is a progressive organization that values employee engagement and well-being. The City recognizes the importance of providing an encompassing health and life benefits program to employees, including Hybrid Work, Flex Schedules, Telehealth and Wellness Incentives, Infants and Dogs at Work Program, Local bus eco-Pass, and an Employee Discount Program on goods and services throughout the Boulder Community. Additional information can be viewed here.

To Be Considered

Respect is one of Boulder’s five City Values, and they are committed to racial equity, diversity, and inclusion. The City celebrates and supports differences across all spectrums including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, and sexual orientation. Through the City’s focus on racial equity, employee benefits, and the many program resources offered to employees, Boulder continually strives to weave respect for one another into the fabric of their organization. 

Add your voice and talents to the City of Boulder and help them grow in service excellence for an inspired future. Applications will be accepted electronically by Raftelis. Applicants complete a brief online form and are prompted to provide a cover letter and resume. Open until filled with the first review of applications on November 28, 2022.


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